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SME '04 - Back to the 80's

The movie: Little Monsters
At a glance: Little Monsters
IMDb page:
Starring: Fred Savage, Howie Mandell
Quick outline: Fred moves into a new house, which his little brother (Ben Savage) thinks is haunted by monsters. It ends up being true and Fred makes his first friend in Maurice, the cocaine addict monster. All is fun and games until the lead monster kidnaps little Ben.
Comparable to: I saw a comparison to 3 Ninjas somewhere, and depressingly enough it is sort of accurate. Although this movie has The Fred which puts it way ahead of Tum Tum and Colt.

Comments: I watched all three of these movies Sunday night after the season finale of The Sopranos (which rocked). Needed a pick me up, I've been dragging my ass for the last week. It sort of worked until I stayed up till 630am last night for NO REASON and feel like total trash today. Anyway I've written about all three of these movies somewhere at some point, but I figured they deserved another mention cause all three were so big to me when I was a kid. Two of them still are great, the other is so horrible compared to my memory it's almost great anyway. Little Monsters is great, 100% because of Fred Savage. He's the best child actor ever, period. This isn't his best movie, cause Howie Mandell is FAR from Judge Reinhold, but it still holds up as a really enjoyable way to spend 100 minutes. Another big reason I'm posting about these three movies is because of all the hate they seem to get. Little Monsters has a 4.6 rating, where Phone Booth has over a 7. A fucking 7. HES IN A PHONE BOOTH. And yes, Brian and I watched Phone Booth. It blew. Back to my braindead point, watch this movie because of Fred, and Boy Meets World fans will enjoy seeing Ben Savage so tiny. Plus the ending is the best of The Fred movies, makes me teary and then busts into Road to Nowhere, my favorite Talking Heads song.
Who would like it: Savage fans, 80s fans. People who would like this have already seen it or know they would probably like it.
Who wouldn't: It's a family film. People expecting the wrong thing won't like it. Know what to expect, be in the right mood, and enjoy yourself.
My grade: A

The movie: Flight of the Navigator
At a glance: Flight of the Navigator
IMDb page:
Starring: Joey Cramer, Sarah Jessica Parker, Pee-Wee Herman
Quick outline: David Freeman is just a typical 12 year old, until he falls in a ditch on the way home and wakes up 8 years later, exactly the same. NASA takes him to headquarters, cause they found a UFO with the voice of Pee Wee Herman. David wants the hell out of there.
Comparable to: Kind of a reverse Big that exploits the 80s fascination with space and UFOs.

Comments: I posted about this a long time ago, but it deserves another mention because the DVD came out a week ago. Of course when I saw it on amazon I ordered it RIGHT away. As far as the special features go, this DVD blows, but it's worth it anyway. This was one of my favorites for years along with movies like Return to Oz. Not a lot of people know about them, so theyre special to me and I think they totally rule. It's a fun, goofy, lighthearted 80s family movie thats gonna be good for our kids too. Besides shit like Shrek and of course Harry Potter, the number of family films worth a crap to come out in the last decade you can count on one hand. You want your kids to grow up on Full House reruns? I don't. Most memorable parts of Flight are Davey cruising around the atmosphere singing to the Beach Boys, and Sarah Jessica Parker looking almost exactly the same except with pink hair and a Cyndi Lauper outfit. And her reference to Twisted Sister is pretty funny. Great film, finally out on DVD so it's worth a rent if nothing else.
Who would like it: Same with Little Monsters, one look at the box and you'll know if it's your type of movie.
Who wouldn't: I think this is a better movie than Little Monsters, so while I could understand Howie making some 80s fans cringe, there aren't any flaws here at all.
My grade: A+

The movie: Just One of the Guys
At a glance: Just One of the Guys
IMDb page:
Starring: Joyce Hyser, William Zabka (Karate Kid)
Quick outline: Terry is a wanna be journalist, and when her teacher rejects her story, she thinks it's because she's a girl. So she cuts her hair, puts a sock in her pants and goes to another high school, where she falls in love with a guy, and a girl falls for her. Hilarity ensues.
Comparable to: A more raunchy wanna be Tootsie.

Comments: Like the others, this was a big favorite of mine when I was like 12. It came on HBO every single day, and I'd watch it every single day. Unfortunately, unlike Flight and anything from The Fred, it doesn't carry over exactly well. The DVD came out about a month ago, and like Flight I bought it right away and was happy. I don't regret owning it, but it's just not the movie it was to a lazy 12 year old in 1992. The funniest part of it then and now is her brother Buddy, the sex freak who was in Parker Lewis and absolutely nothing else. He's funny as hell. Other than him, the best thing is seeing more William Zabka playing the bad guy. He was made for nothing else in this life and he is as good here as he was in The Karate Kid, European Vacation, and Back to School. Unlike the other two movies, this isn't one to watch where any kids, she ends up showing her breasts to wake people up at the end and there's a lot of cussing. I'd only rent it if you remember it from forever ago and want a pretty decent trip down memory lane.
Who would like it: People who think movies like Summer School were the best ever made. This is probably at the top of my 80's B-list comedies. It tries real hard but just misses.
Who wouldn't: It's way too raunchy to appeal to the FPP crowd, and not enough boobies for the VDA. It's very decent, but far from great. Go watch Revenge of the Nerds if you want greatness.
My grade: B-
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