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As a reminder, I decided to start writing about Mystery Science Theater 3000 because I really think everyone would find something to enjoy about this show. It was on the air for 15 years, starting on cable access in Minnesota on Thanksgiving 1988 and ending on the Sci-Fi channel in January 2004.

Joel and the botsMike and the bots

I heavily encourage my friends, and whoever else stumbles onto this, to do yourself a favor and find out why the show was on the air that long.

For everything you could possibly want to know about the show, please visit Satellite News, now the official home of MST3K on the web.

On with the episodes...

Time ChasersTime ChasersTime Chasers

The Episode: 821 - Time Chasers
IMDb page:
Episode Thoughts: Man, I should have written this post about a week ago. I've been up in my room the last few days blazing through the Harry Potter books for the second time, just finished Goblet of Fire a couple of minutes ago. I absolutely can't WAIT for that movie, although I'm sort of afraid what they're going to cut if they don't take the 4 hour approach. Two hours isn't enough to fit in all that stuff about Barty Crouch, Bagman, the world cup, Harry and Ron, Cho Chang, the Ball, etc. They better do it right.

So that's what has been distracting me since we saw Spider-Man. Saw a couple of movies since then, nothing I'm real excited to write about really but there should be a few coming up so I better get back into the groove. I watched these episodes during my father's day trip home and the week after that, that feels like forever ago.

To get down to it, Time Chasers is another home-run episode. They actually did release this one on DVD along with Touch of Satan and some other newer ones, so I can actually get my hands on some non VHS ones once I have some money.

Everything about this movie sucks, hard. In one of the pics above you see our hero, Captain Mullet. In reality, his mullet is nothing short of amazing, but he's an incredibly dorky scientist guy who invents time travel by flying around in a cropduster with an Atari hooked up to it. Instead of doing anything useful with it, he turns right around and sells it to an evil corporation, headed by the guy in my Dell post a couple of months ago, along with his fat lackey, pictured above. Of course, they take a page out of Biff Tannen's book and turn Hill Valley into Hell, and Mullet Man is pissed. He flies around with his bimbo truck stop waitress, and the 4 or 5 clones of himself he creates, and tries to set things right. Worst part is, he ends up in the middle of the revolutionary war, where you can see that George Washington wore Adidas and Paul Revere smoked Malboro Reds.

He sets things right in the end, after he kills himself like twice and kills the bimbo at least 3 or 4 times. One cool thing is that the studio that made this piece of shit really encouraged the MST guys to do the episode. At least they realized their movie was horrid crap. But knowing that someone, somewhere can recognize when they make a bad movie, and not get all huffy about it like Joe Don Baker, makes me sleep better at night.

The host skits are awesome, and everything about the episode rules.

The film: F
MST3K'd: A+

The Deadly BeesThe Deadly BeesThe Deadly Bees

The Episode: 905 - The Deadly Bees
IMDb page:
Episode Thoughts: Here we skip ahead into season 9, and The Deadly Bees. I wrote the grades for this down after I watched it, and thinking back now I have no idea why I gave it a D+.

The movie is about a 1960's Britney Spears, who has some sort of nervous breakdown. They even open with her doing a musical number, which is funny but doesn't even come close to the one in Pop People. So instead of any sort of normal treatment, they ship her off to an island full of weirdos who have bee farms. Turns out she has to stay with a bee farmer who hates his wife, the town, and pretty much everything about his life. Soon as she gets there, people start dying. She suspects her host, but it turns out its this other bee farmer who was trying to get into her knickers since she got there.

Thinking about it, this movie is really funny, but not on purpose. British people back then were just really goofy and said the dumbest shit. The MST guys really wouldn't let it go when the old lady started talking about the dog's meat. And that was just one of many things that made me want to rewind just to see if I had heard it right.

This episode is full of bathroom break host skits which kind of sucks. Two of them are musical numbers, one of which has absoutely nothing to do with The Deadly Bees and kind of made me sleepy.

I almost forgot, but the movie and the episode have one of the funniest endings I've ever seen. This movie just ends, with some guy in a bowler hat who had NOTHING to do with the film, just walking towards the camera. This happy goofy music plays and the guy just strolls up to us. Of course, they bring the guy, and the music into the ending of the episode, and it's hilarious. I'd recommend the episode just for that 45 seconds or so.

The film: D+
MST3K'd: A-

Prince of SpacePrince of SpacePrince of Space

The Episode: 816 - Prince of Space
IMDb page:
Episode Thoughts: Prince of Space is another of those black and white episodes that I've come to appreciate so much more this time around. I clearly remember liking it the first time around, but this would have easily been a classic episode, had I not screwed it up again. Just like Touch of Satan, I missed a commercial break and ending up chopping out God knows how much of the episode. Unfortunately, unlike Touch of Satan, they haven't released this one on DVD yet. I seem to remember wanting to go back and re-record it, but I haven't found the tape yet if I did.

About what I was able to see, Prince of Space is awesome. It's from Japan with Americans dubbing voices over, and it's so stupid bad. Pretty similar to The Phantom Planet, but at least that one had some cute girls in it. America gets held hostage by a guy named Crank Whore (seriously) and to our rescue comes Prince of Space. Prince of Space is really a boot black, whatever that is, who hangs out with a couple of sassy Japanese boys. They get kidnapped, then the heads of Japan get kidnapped, then I got confused, then I got confused again, then Prince of Space saved the day.

It really pissed me off that I could be so careless to screw up recording episodes back in 1998 or whenever, then I found out a few days ago I haven't changed much. I was watching Riding with Death before I decided to dive into the Harry Potter books, and one night when I was getting ready to go out or something, I sat on the remote and taped over the last 20 minutes or so of the episode. I felt like an absolute retard when I went to finish the episode later that night and ending up watching 20 minutes of a Yankees game.

So, if someone ever screws up and tapes over something of yours... cut them a break. It happens.

From what I did see, the episode was hilarious and the host skits was actually funny. It was the first time in a long time most of the host skits had nothing to do with the show and I really enjoyed them. In the storyline of the show, the SOL got pulled into a wormhole that messes with reality. So, most of the host skits just try to be as weird as possible and they're really funny. They even turn Mike into a robot, although I missed most of this host skit because of my uhh.. forgiveable mess up 6 years ago.

Here's hoping they put it out on DVD cause before long I'm not gonna have many episodes left to watch.

The film: F
MST3K'd: A-
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