Pinhead (johnldhf) wrote,


So I'm home.

I would've written something sooner, but our internet just got back up after 48 hours of being down. Cebridge REALLY sucks. The guy just swapped my modem after the connection fixed itself somehow in the middle of the night. He looked at my router and was like "what's this thing do?" And you're the internet tech for cebridge? Cool.

I've been spending the last few days trying to get things moved in. I had to empty an entire room and am almost done redoing it. Only things I've really done since being back here is go see The Notebook (B-) with Chris, and after that he took me to Shamrocks Pub or something, by the bingo hall. Apparently this is the new hangout for ex-Kingwood grads? That's disturbing.

I'm getting pretty close to being settled, then hopefully I can get out, see some old friends, and have a good time. I'm still not jazzed to be back here, but so far it's been ok.
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