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My life has started flying along at a pace that I'm really not comfortable with.. and I haven't even had time to process some of the things that I've gone through recently.

The biggest thing, one of my best friends from high school passed away. Bill was killed in Iraq, and his funeral was Saturday. I wasn't even sure that I'd be able to go thanks to the shithole I work in, but I offered to do a bunch of extra time and they let me go say goodbye to my friend.

Being there for that was intense, and very emotional. Bill was probably the nicest guy I've ever known in my life. He had absolutely no problem with anyone, and was not ashamed to be seen with or talk to anyone, which is something that was incredibly rare in Kingwood High. He always made me laugh, and always had something nice to say. We both took crappy dates to prom together, drove to graduation together... grew up together.

Seeing Garrett and Julio, Matt and Curtis... not the way I wanted to be reunited with old friends I hadn't talked to in ages.

I've prayed for Bill in my own way, but I would like to scan some pictures when I can find them. He will always be remembered and loved.

Just as quickly as I was slammed in the face by that tragedy, it was back to the firepits. I won't get another day off until Thursday (which is the day I officially become old) and the next 2 days are both 12-14 hour workdays.

Maybe when I get a day or two to breathe, the full realization of all of this will hit me. And I'm sure it will hit me square in the face.
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